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Walter Mikes is a visual artist living and working in Vienna. Born in Vienna in 1951, he worked as a software developer at Siemens for more than 30 years. Since 1994 Walter Mikes has been painting regularly. After a period of reorientation, he acquired a studio in 2012 and dedicated himself to painting.

In his studio as well as during numerous workshops and journeys with artists like Bernhard Vogel, Jos Biersack, Wang Shu, Emil Waldmann, Lisa Kunit, Siegfried Karrer, Gerlinde Kosina, Alfred Hansl, Robert Zielasco or Sieglinde Wagner, Walter explored various subjects, materials and painting techniques in depth.

"When I 'm painting, I'm often in a state of deep meditation and my brushstrokes don't follow a plan. My hand seems to move by itself. As if from a distance, I curiously observe what is happening while an intensive dialogue is going on between me and my artwork.

After finishing my work it sometimes appears strange to me, as if I didn't paint it myself. Often it will only speak to me after a few days and makes me aware of a theme that was only subconsciously present until it found it's expression in my painting."


September 6 - 10, 2017: "Wasser bewegt" - Alte Schieberkammer, Vienna

September 5 - 10, 2017: "Wasser - Elixier des Lebens" - Wasserturm, Vienna

September 1 - 30, 2017:"Traumwelten Teil 3" - Kunstwerkstätte, Vienna

Aug. 29 - Sept. 26, 2017: "Wien und die Kunst" - Bezirksamt Margareten, Vienna

June - Sept. 2017: "Ans Licht gebracht" - Kunstforum Ebendorf, Vienna

May 2017: "Traumwelten" - Kunstwerkstätte, Vienna

March 2017: "Alles fliesst" - Gallery "Stilgalerie" Wien - Video of Opening

December 2016: ReArte Gallery Wien

October 2016: Participation in Milano Art Contest 2016

September 2016: „Luxury and War“, Gallery „Fünf vor zwölf“ Vienna

2007: Publication in the international Calendar of Siemens PSE

2006: Gallery "Weihergut" Salzburg (charity, group)

1996 und 1999: Siemens Vienna (solo)

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Walter Mikes
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